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What Sets Us Apart


  • We are attorney-owned and -operated, which means you receive the high level of expertise your clients demand, and you deserve.

  • Because of our in-depth knowledge and combined 35 years of experience handling all aspects of closings, our services save you time and money.

  • When it comes to billing, CASi is unconventional. Simply put: We charge a flat fee for our services, not based on the size of your deal.

  • Our proprietary platform ensures client information is safe and secure, while our tech-forward tools deliver the 21st-century ease and efficiency you and your clients expect from today’s real estate transactions.

  • You can count on CASi for quick turn-around and hassle-free service. Plus, we are ready—and willing—to support you through every step of your closing process.

Clients who use CASi only use CASi. That’s because when we say full service, they know we mean it. In addition to bringing our legal acumen and experience to your closings, we make life easier for everyone by offering: 

  • Digital closings

  • Remote online notarization 

  • Policy and document prep/drafting 

  • Mediation

  • Back-office support


My name is Gary M. Singer

Co-founder of CASi

I am a Board Certified Real Estate Attorney in the State of Florida. I have over 20 years of experience with transactional and litigation in real estate and have handled thousands of real estate transactions and closings. I am a nationally syndicated writer with a recurring column "Ask a Real Estate Pro" featured weekly in the Sun Sentinel and other papers throughout the country.

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My name is Andrew H. Dinnerstein

Co-founder of CASi

I am a real estate attorney in the State of Florida, New Jersey, New York and Georgia. I have over 15 years of experience with transaction real estate, including both commercial and residential transactions and have closed thousands of real estate transactions. I have operated a busy title company over the last 10 years and have been at the forefront of digital closings and RON signings since their inception in the State of Florida.

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